Why Become a Member?

Strength in numbers

Join with us in promoting local artists

With a strong and vibrant membership, the gallery can offer a rich and diverse exhibition calendar and members are encouraged to volunteer at the gallery and get involved with the various aspects of putting on an exhibition, of which there are around eight each year.

Member Benefits

Find out about member benefits

The gallery offers members an opportunity to exhibit their work with a reduced commission on sales of works;  each year the committee arranges for professional development workshops for its members, plus lots of competitions throughout the year.

Help Raise Funds

Play Your Part & Support Local Artists

Fundraising for art projects can be a difficult and costly process.. All our Gallery membership fees go directly into the gallery’s funds to maintain the gallery, make improvements, create events, run competitions and of course offer workshops to our members.

Message from the President - Robyn Condon
Welcome to Glen Innes Art Gallery, New England, Australia

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Glen Innes Art Gallery. A group of vibrant artists and art lovers where community plays the central force in making regional art happen in the New England region. It has been my privilege to be President on the Executive Committee of Glen Innes Art Gallery since the beginning of 2015. Already I have been able to see first hand the significance that art plays in a regional rural community, both in terms of how artists contribute, but also how patrons contribute. Together they make an important contribution to the social expression of any locale.

Perhaps, in past years, you were a painter, or potter, or sculptor. Please know there is an opportunity for you to get back into your craft & exhibit or enter competitions on an annual basis. Perhaps you are an amateur artist looking to express your work through a larger audience. Again, there is an opportunity waiting for you through our gallery. Or perhaps you are a professional artist seeking to meet with other artists to share values and experiences in creating art, put on solo exhibitions or prepare work for specific upcoming exhibitions. Glen Innes Art Gallery will be a great home for your talents and works. Whatever your particular interest in art may be I encourage you to get involved where you can.